• Phion 1.0
    Mobile Cone-Beam CT for extremities

    Compact & Mobility / Low Dose / Trauma, Orthopedics, Emergency, Military / Quantitative Bone Analysis / Just plug into the nearest wall outlet / Extremity
  • Phion 2.0
    Mobile Cone-Beam CT for Spine, Skull, Extremity and Arthrography

    Low Dose / 125kV, 18mA, Pulsed X-ray generation / Capable of scanning various anatomical areas / Easiest device to set up / Excellent Image Quality

    Digital Radiography, Fluoroscopy / Low Dose Rate / Orthopedic & Podiatry & Sports Medicine & Military / DICOM 3.0 compatible & PACS / All in One System

Core competitiveness_ New medical technology

“Evaluation of the Accuracy of Mobile Cone-Beam Computed Tomography after Spinal Instrumentation Surgery”

“Usefulness of Mobile Computed Tomography in Patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pneumonia: A Case Series”

“Dedicated mobile volumetric cone-beam computed tomography for human brain imaging: A phantom study”

Phion Medical Application

T h e B e s t C a r e f o r P a t i e n t s

C r e a t i v e E v o l u t i o n b e y o n d t h e D i f f e r e n c e !



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Pediatric Orthopedics

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